Johnny to appear at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010!

He’s back for more: After earning kudos for his 2007 performance at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, Johnny will return to the scene of the original crime this June. Details are still being sorted out, but this much we can tell you now: Johnny will appear, and he’ll be sitting in with the Allman Brothers Band. For details on the event, click here.

New record label! Paul Nelson, Johnny’s guitarist, says Johnny is joining Megaforce Records, a label whose roster includes — among many other great artists — the Black Crowes. Keep an eye out for a long-awaited studio release from Johnny, his first album since 2004’s I’m a Bluesman.

Winters on the water! Johnny and brother Edgar will be a part of the incredible lineup for this October’s Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise. Be sure to get all the details on this remarkable event, which will feature some of the biggest names in blues and roots music.


7 Responses to “Johnny to appear at Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010!”

  1. jess says:

    YEAH! see ya there

  2. Stephen Francois Norton says:

    Hey Johnny!

    I’m a HUGE fan! Been groovin’ on your licks since I was in 8th grade (1973).I’ve seen many famous guitarists but you are by far the greatest. I’ve seen you in person many, many times. Unfortunately the last time was at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio on your “Guitar Slinger” Tour. Got a front row table at that one. It was the best time. I’m back home in the Land of my ancestors (North Carolina). I was wondering why you don’t do more Southern Gigs. All I saw was Dahnolega, Georgia and Biloxi, MS. You’re a native Southerner too. Right? Beaumont, Texas I believe. We have “The Double Door Inn” here in Charlotte, NC. It’s a Blues club.

    I’m going to try to see that Georgia gig if at all possible. Keep on jammin’.
    Stephen Francois Norton

  3. Cathy says:

    Loved seeing you again Johnny!! I haven’t seen you since my old concert days in ‘82.

    I used to see you play with others artists in NY.
    Tell Edger I said Hello!!

    Hope to see you again at the crossroads!

  4. Hi. My name is Matt and I work for Warner Music Group and Rhino Entertainment. I am contacting you about the 2010 Crossroads Festival which Johnny Winter recently played. July 27th NCM Fathom and Rhino Entertainment are presenting the Eric Clapton Crossroads 2010 special two hour screening that will showcase the concert in HD across 475 movie theatres nation wide. Since Johnny was a peformer of the show and featured in the movie we wanted to see if you would mention the movie screening on your website and social network sites. Below is all the info for the event. Please email me if you have any questions. Thanks!

    One Night Only – July 27
    Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton shares the stage with some of the greatest artists in the world during a star-studded, extraordinary concert on Tuesday, July 27 in more than 475 movie theaters nationwide. Presented by NCM Fathom and Rhino Entertainment, the Eric Clapton Crossroads 2010 special two-hour event will be shown in HD beginning at 7:30pm local time across all time zones and will feature historic musical performances from the day-long Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010, which took place in Chicago’s Toyota Park on June 26. All 27,000 tickets to this year’s Chicago festival sold out in minutes – making it one of the hottest must-attend concert events of the summer.

    Eric Clapton Crossroads 2010 gives fans around the country a chance to experience many of the greatest moments from the legendary day-long festival, including performances by Clapton, ZZ Top, Steve Winwood, BB King, Jeff Beck, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, Bill Murray and many others. Theater audiences will gain exclusive backstage VIP access to behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews with the performers, including an introduction by Clapton himself.

    Tickets for Eric Clapton Crossroads 2010 in-theater event are available at participating theater box offices and online at For a complete list of theater locations and ticket prices, please visit the Fathom website (theaters and participants are subject to change)

    CROSSROADS FACEBOOK (please tag us)

    Matt Lieberman
    818 355 2287

  5. Lavon Gilbert says:

    I came home one night at 9:30 and saw some wonderful
    guy singing and playing the guitar on our PBS channel. I wondered how I had missed this person for so many years. I was mesmerized by him. Three weeks later I decided I could afford $225 for the 2007 Eric Clapton guitar festival CD and also make a charitable contribution. That was the only way I knew to see this wonderful person again. I described him to my son and he told me his name. Johnny Winter has made my life more enjoyable. Lavon Gilbert

  6. Frank James says:

    Boy, Talk about a living legend! I’ve been a fan of Johnny’s since the early ’70s when I first attended a live concert in my home town Madison, WI. Went to see him every time since. I get so angry when the music media, musicians famous and not so famous talk about the greatest guitar slinger that ever lived when they don’t mention Johnny’s name. When you listen to (won’t mention any names) the popular great ones and I love them all, I see so much of Johnny’s influence in their playing. I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for many years. I’ve been a professional guitar player for over 50 years. I think there are many others who would agree with me. I mean this as the greatest compliment that I could pay to him, “Johnny Winters” is the blackest white boy I have ever heard play the blues”. I can never get enough Johnny Winters. I plan on purchasing anything put out by him and his asssociates. Frank James

  7. George Vazaios says:

    Johnny Winter has to be every year at the crossroad festival !!!!! That “guy” is a LEGEND !!!!
    We all love ya Johnny …..