New Johnny Winter DVD

New DVD containing an incredible collection of official archival footage from the ’80s including performances from MTV Rock Influences ‘84 “Guitar Greats”, Massey Hall (Toronto ‘83), Roskilde DRTV (Roskilde, Denmark ‘84), New Hampshire (‘84), Sonet Studio (Bromma, Sweden ‘87), Piazza Duomo (Pistoia, Italy ‘88), and more. Intermixed with the live content is interview footage from various locations. This program is the definitive document of Johnny’s career in the ’80s. BUY IT NOW.


5 Responses to “New Johnny Winter DVD”

  1. jeff brisson says:

    can’t wait!

  2. michael kelly says:

    I am delighted to hear of Johnny’s new release of classic shows…..seen him 23 times, and most of them in Maine….really, really a devout FAN.
    Please come back to Maine anytime, old blues man!!
    Mike Kelly Calais, Maine

  3. jeff brisson says:

    it’s great that these performances are finally being legitamitely released! johnny’s always had a tremendous following of loyal fans; i’m glad that he’s finally getting more exposure & a little more of the recognition he so richly deserves! he’s done so much for the cause of blues & blues-rock music! i can hardly wait!

  4. CactusPete says:

    I saw Johnny two nights ago (Sept 12, 2010) at the SouthSide Shuffle Blues fest in Mississauga, Ontario. He was great as always….I also happened to pick up this DVD at the show and it is great…I bought it for the ‘83 footage from Massey Hall in Toronto that was the first time I had seen him (my how time flies) and was immediately a fan for life….just watched some more of the of the DVD, great interview and other great live footage….buy it!!

  5. jeff brisson says:

    just got my copy today; man it’s excellent! can’t wait for more releases hopefully in the not to distant future; keep on rockin’ the blues!!! sincerely;-a fan- jeff brisson